[18+] Cafe Maid [Nutaku] V1.42 Free Upgrade (Char/Attribute)

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Have you ever dreamed about being indulged by a maid? How about by a harem of them? In Cafe Maid you can live that dream to the fullest. You take on the role of a maid cafe owner and your task is to manage the place and services. Upgrade and customize the cafe and turn it into the perfect lewd establishment. Gather the cutest talent you can possibly imagine around yourself. Hire a sex maniac streamer, an orally fixated cakegirl, a kinky dominatrix, a bisexual singer, an innocent student, and many more. All of these beauties are dying to get to know you. They are very receptive to your flirting and just love everything you can provide, especially if it involves one of your special private trainings.

Tap the maids to collect money, upgrade their service spots so that they can entertain the guests even more and earn more money. After a time you will be able to automatize this process, freeing up your hands to do something else... for example to hire new maids to do new functions in the cafe, or to help them to provide special services to the customers in one of the back rooms.

When your current cafe is successful enough you can decide to sell it to another investor and get a big profit in return that you can spend on the maids or on managing your brand. Your decisions determine how much more efficiently will your next company earn money.

Don't foget, in Cafe Maid your cafe makes money even while you are AFK (eg. while you are shaving or watching your favorite movies IRL), and when you come back you can spend all that to make your cafe the biggest success around the globe.

Key Features

- An enjoyable fusion of idle & clicker gameplay

- 9+ cute anime maids, with different personalities, backgrounds and hot kinks!

- 30+ pieces of furniture to upgrade and customize your cafe

- Dozens of sexy clothes for your maids to wear

- Exciting events featuring one of your maids: new flirts, new clothes, and a lot of sex

- High quality, steaming hot 3D hentai sex scenes! Fully animated! HARDCORE!


Title: Cafe Maid

Developer: Woop Media

Version: 1.42

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Char Upgrade dosn't decrease cash





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