[18+] Fap Goddess [Nutaku] V1.99.03.0918 Dumb Enemy

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

FapGoddess is a squad role-playing side-scrolling game. Enjoy the simple yet strategic match-3 block skill controls in this puzzle action RPG! 

Discover the exciting synergies between your lust goddesses, and turn the tides of battle with the Goddesses' skills in critical moments! Start your lewd journey and build up your harem to fit your hottest fantasies!

Key Features


After a car accident, you opened your eyes and found you were in an unfamiliar world…

A fantasy world guarded by Lust Goddesses…

In the beginning of this world, the goddess of Sun and Moon were twin sisters.They lived and guarded the mortals together.

Taiyun, the Goddess of Sun, who brought warmth to the world and nourished all things.

To worship Taiyun’s grace, they made a paean. However, this song made Yue, the Goddess of Moon, jealous.

Yue was full of anger and jealousy.

She used the negative emotion from mortals to create enormous Moon Devils who led to the massacre.

She dominated mortals' mind and spirit by fear and blood. Moon Devils devastated the Land Tasalad. On the other side, Taiyun led the mortals and fought with the devil.The power of the Sun and Moon clashed in the middle of the Yin-Yang Ocean, which created the Swirl Abyss.

Neither side gained in the war. Taiyun told the mortals to build a lighthouse tower, and sealed the Moon Devils in the Swirl Abyss in her last breath. 

She transformed her last power into a crystal of the sun, which is standing on the top of the lighthouse.

The crystal will light up the Yin-Yang Ocean, and prevent the invasion from the Moon Devils.

The surviving mortals inherit the will of Taiyun. They choose the strongest male who has the strong physique and mind as a lighthouse keeper.

The keepers will defend the lighthouse tower, and guard the mortals of this land.

Thousand years after the war ended, the Moon Devils still could be found on the edge of the Swirl Abyss. 

Therefore, the Guardian of the lighthouse will wind the horn for calling on the Goddess, the female warriors, who will be against the coming dark.

They said you are the only guardian of the sacred lighthouse. The Goddess are all awaiting your command and crazy for your semen as their mana resource. You should become the ruler of the land of lewd!

Challenge wicked temptresses! 

Seduce and conquer them!

Date them and win their hearts!

Start your lewd journey now!


Build up a team with 3 Goddesses to conquer more goddesses;

Collect light energy and put it back to the sacred lighthouse, everytime you eject it back, you will vision a goddess masturbating;

By gifting the sex toys to Goddess and increasing their affection level, the Goddess will undress for you;

Face to face chating with Goddess, choose the answers, and unlock really hot, uncensored and creatively lewd artwork;

Enjoy the exciting animated event H-scene.


Thought light power you will peek the vision that Goddess using sex toys and masturbating for their first time;

Everytime after chatting and flirting with Goddess, they will undress and have a lust night with you;

Interactive H-Scenes: Use your hand and dick to tease the Goddesses, enjoy their squirting orgasm and cum inside;

Kinks: Ahegao, CumShot, Masturbating, X-ray, Foot, Anal, Customizable Blow Job, Cosplay, Exhibition, Bondage, Squrting Orgasm.


Relaxing Gameplay! New style of match-3 mechanism + side-scrolling gameplay, easy to learn, satisfied to play!  

Seduce goddesses! Chat with your Goddesses and seduce them by choosing the way you speak to them, exploring the filthiest fetishes this cast of stunners has to offer;

Interactive H-Scenes! Make naughty Goddesses cum by using your finger and


Title: Fap Goddess

Developer: FUNFIA INC


Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

Mod 1:

  • 1. God
  • 2. High DMG
  • 3. Enemy dosn´t Attack
  • 4. Enemy dosn´t Move
Mod 2:
  • 1. Dumb enemy
  • 2. Always crit
  • 3. Autowin //Enable after timer start a few seconds, repeat every battle