[18+] PS Girls Deluxe [Nutaku] V1.0.2 High (DMG - DEF)

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Space Ships, Guns and Tits - who says you cant put these together?! PS Girls Deluxe, your ultimate space lusty adventure fantasy. With over 50 Hot characters, hundreds of lewd scenes and erotic dialogue waiting for you to cum! The duty of a spaceship general, is not only to conquer in battle, but to use your big fat cock to conquer all your hot soldiers and make them serve you like a king! If any of them dare to disobey you, “military punishment” would be on their way… 

Build your mighty, lusty spaceship crew and fulfill all your lewd fantasies!

Key Features

- Easy Gameplay -

When most other games try to burn your brain and eat up most of your time, PS girls offers you a easy-chill gaming style that is designed to relax your day! 

- Multiple Combat Modes -

From Main Story, to Conquest mode, Campaign, Expedition, Arena battle and Military Fight - 6 different kinds of Battle mode to play in the Space world of PS Girls!

-Erotic Dialogue  -

Unique and original erotic storyline with tons of lusty dialogue - them girls are all horny!

- Over 50+ Cuties -

What’s better than having loads of cute girls around you? Having Tons of cute and sexy girls in your arms! More than 50 cute and sexy PS Girls are waiting for your recruitment, each of them having multiple nudes waiting for you to unlock. Explore the universe - at the same time explore the girls!

- 100+ Sex Scenes -

With each girl having multiple sex scenes and dating rooms, you are free to explore all kinds of fetishes that the girls are into!


Title: PS Girls Deluxe

Developer: LT Games

Version: 1.0.2

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

  • 1. Menu
  • 2. DMG x1 - x100
  • 3.DEF x1 - x100