[18+] Hot Engines [Nutaku] V2.0.8 Unlimited Money - Gems

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Riding the fastest cars in 1 vs 1 clandestine races is a thrill second only to having the most intense sex with some of the hottest chicks in town. Buy your car, improve it, challenge amazing pilots to win a way to their lust while you fight to be the best of the best!


You sure pushed your luck when you decided to “borrow” the favourite car of the leader of your last street-racing club, destroying it during a race and getting caught doing it really didn’t help your case. ...having sex with his daughter the night before wasn’t also the best of ideas. Having both the police and your former employer looking for you, it seemed a good time for a very rapid change of scenery. You drove all night on secondary roads panicking at the sight of every car headlights behind you. Suddenly the car shuts down, that reminds you that you really should have stopped at that station 50 miles ago. Stranded in the middle of nowhere you have no choice but to walk. After a long walk a couple of headlights approach you, behind them a gorgeous woman, maybe luck is finally turning in your favor...


Isn’t being the only man in a female racing club the best? Winning races will boost you street credit giving you access to new faster cars and harder opponents, but climbing the ladder of fame isn’t the only perk: the street isn't the only place where our girls give all themselves. Driving skills are a powerful aphrodisiac in this club. Tired of burning rubber to get girls? Invite them out to their favourite places or send them customized gifts for a change of pace.

Key Features

●        40 cars to unlock and customize

●        25 Unique Girls to pursue on the street and in bed.

●        75 Uncensored sex scenes

●        Fast pacing races on different locations

●        Send gifts and invite girls out

●        Available on Windows, Android, Web


Title: Hot Engines

Developer: Medit ltd

Version: 2.0.8

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

Mod 1

  • 1.Menu
  • 2. free choosable Currency with amount you want
You must reload the game after you addthe currency, otherwise you can´t do anything ingame

Mod 2


  • 1. Increase Money
  • 2. Increase Gems
  • 3. Unlock Photos