[18+] College Life V2.1.2 [Nutaku] Unlimited Kisses

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Relive your college years the way you all dreamt it would be! Join up with a couple of friends and build a thriving city, one piece of ass at a time! Explore everything you’ve ever dreamt of, including your booming sexuality! That’s right, you lucky animal! Welcome to College Life!

There’s no time for mundane tasks and essays! College Life is a fun dating simulator, full of lovely surprises, sexy girls and cool scenarios that will always keep you on your toes.

Key Features


Some of the best years to go through are often the years spent in college. Unfortunately, your college has been run to the ground by a crooked college dean. When you and your best friend start college, you're faced with the horrible news that the dean has been blackmailing and controlling all the girls into working for him and making sex grounds for expulsion. It’s up to you to free the girls and return the school to its former glory.

GAMEPLAY AND OBJECTIVES The goal of the game is to unlock and build relationships with all the characters and revive the old college into an over the top banging sex-filled dream for everybody.

Are you ready to create your own playground, and play matchmaker as much as you want? Meet all the characters one by one, and slowly get familiar with this wide range of highly attractive young adults. The more you know the community, the better you will be pulling strings, like a true puppet master, directing the residents into casual sexual relationships, as well as expanding and improving the looks and the vibe of the college. You choose who spends time with who, and, of course, peek on their hangouts! And, unlike in actual college, you have access to unlimited funds through sweet deal packages! Now go and get your dream house, your dream outfit, and your dream girl.


Discover the most exciting hentai animated sex scenes that will make all your fantasies come to life! 

Get to know all your girls and get ready to unlock the most exciting sex scenes in the entire campus! Good news is that you can come back to those steamy moments whenever you like by accessing the Comic Book Store!


• 12 Girls and 70 sex scenes Tons of uncensored content and a lot of ways to get laid!

• 100 Custom Decorations Choose from 100 custom decorations to make your campus as unique as you!

• 40 Outfits Dress your characters up the way you want, from bikinis to superheroes!

• COLLECT sexy photos from your girls Go back and check out your best intimate moments in the Comic Book Store!

• Hundreds of Quests Get to know everyone with over 200 unique quests and storylines!

• Be the ultimate matchmaker Mix and match couples and see who’s really into each other!


• Build your own fully customizable campus!

• Get to know all the characters and play the role of the magical matchmaker!

• 12 different girls with distinctive personalities and unique sex scenes! Charm the girls and build up your relationships with them!

• Complete hundreds of funny and creative quests!

• Get ready to fulfill all your fantasies!

• Available on both mobile (Android) and PC!


Title: College Life

Developer: Timba Games

Version: 2.1.2

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:


  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Building instant Upgrade to gain Kisses (massive Kisses)
  • 3. Shop Items dosn´t decrease currency
If you have problems with the game start. go to the page and start there the game. after loading game try it on your device.
    if the problem also appears try a new account

    MOD 2
    Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Kisses
    • Unlimited Money
    • increase Kisses
    • increase Money