[18+] Booty Farm v9.0 [Nutaku] Unlimited Coins - Gems

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Grow crops, relationships, and some other things in this raunchy farm dating sim game. On Booty Farm, things get XXX very fast. Engage in hot scenes across the farm like a boss, without even looking up dating advice.

Key Features

Congratulations, playboy! You came into the possession of a rickety old farm. Obviously a city stud like yourself should sell it and go back to your fast and urban lifestyle? However, a sly redhead called Mindy comes along, all dressed like a sexy farmhand. She tells you that the farm needs you to prosper once again and that she'll be your assistant to make this happen - and that she could make many of your hottest fantasies come true, too. Mindy drives a hard bargain...

You embrace your healthy new life on the farm - it could be a great opportunity to earn big money and meet and fuck interesting new girls. It’s time to get your hands dirty, farmboy!

Booty Farm is a place where things get XXX very fast. Not only does Mindy prefer getting laid to doing any farmwork, but all your neighbors are sexy girls with not a single man around for miles. The Booty Farm babes are horny and lonely, and all this honest hard work has further defined your body and muscles. They'll love to meet you, and will do whatever it takes to make you cum again!

This funny casual, adult game that uses simple farm sim mechanics to guide you through steamy, sexy stories, each culminating in a high quality lewd photo for you to keep.

Your assistant Mindy will not only help you upgrade your fixer-upper into a palace of organic produce, but she will also take every chance to set you up with new girls passing by! Booty Farm has week-long events three times a month, letting you meet and seduce dozens of eager women. Perhaps you might even stumble upon them playing with each other - and they will always invite you to stay and join them!

Get to know the girls and their unique interests and quirky personalities, then chat with them, flirt with them, and make your move whenever you find an opening. They will reward you with increasingly more revealing erotic photos. Each girl has her own rewarding storyline which lets you collect nudes and build your Booty Harem. Nurture your relationships with them to discover more about the all-female citizens of Booty Farm, and provide them with your wonderful veggies and also a different kind of protein!

You won big, farmboy! Think you could handle an entire harem of horny booty?

● 13+ Unique Girls to meet and explore their stories

● 200+ Uncensored sex scenes and animations

● Monthly events featuring new girls

● Multiple choice conversation system

● Visual Novel style interactions

● Complex production line system with over 100 elements to manage

● 4 ways to distribute goods


Title: Booty Farm

Publiser: Tender Troupe

Version: 9.0

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

Mod 1

  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Every Speed up gives Gems (crop/production and so on)

Mod 2

  • 1. Custom crystal
  • 2. Useable production items when not enough
  • 3. Fast level up
Mod 3:
  • Unlimited Coins - Gems