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Developer Nutaku Version 1.0.9 Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game


Be a part of something great in this enticing JRPG adult game that will have you working alongside fiercely sexy warriors! Create and customize your perfect dream team, train them to become the very best, and take down the Darkness that threatens to destroy the land!


The Great Darkness has risen from the East and young kunoichi Mayu is her people’s only hope! But Mayu cannot defeat such a foe alone! This is where you come in! Mayu needs your help in defeating the evil empress, Kitsumi.

Join the lovely Mayu as she puts together a party of female Yuri warriors, each with their unique personality, personal quest and skills! They will face many enemies and travel to many lands, but they will always find a way to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Key Features


- 10 unique girls and +30 steamy sex scenes! Start off your adventure with trustworthy companions! And a lot of steamy hentai scenes!

- Over 600 adult adventures! Complete all adventures, get rewards, and have all the sexy Yuri girls you meet along the way join your party!

- Endless Tower Challenge! Fight your way through an increasingly difficult set of challenges! But don't worry, it's worth the trouble!

- Dozens of abilities to master! Upgrade melee, ranged and healing skills and crush the forces of Darkness!

- Level up and Upgrade away! Create and customize your perfect team, and train them to become the strongest warriors in the land!

- Fantastic sex scenes! Never a boring moment! 30+ steamy, uncensored hentai scenes, with more than 10+ animations that are sure to keep you busy!

- Compelling story AND a free sex game? Yes, please! Enjoy two-part scenes: half story, half sex fest! 


- Fight enemies based on Japanese folklore!

- An all Yuri female cast & girl-on-girl action that will make you want to come back for more!

- Get to know your girls better through enchanting dialogues, compelling stories and complex character relationships!

- Looking for high quality art style? Then this is the game for you! Enjoy over 30 uncensored sex scenes!

- Rewarding idle game mechanics!

- Available on PC browser and Android


In a mystical village far away resides Mayu, a ninja in training working hard to impress her strict and powerful Sensei, Kibashiro. To prove her worth, the innocent ninja will have to defeat evil creatures sent by Kitsumi, the Fox Queen who is trying to invade nearby villages. If Mayu seems to be very submissive to her Sensei at first, the tables quickly take a turn towards a more intimate form of training. Now, if this sounds like a dreamlike setting, then Ninja Maidens is the role playing game you want to check out.

This highly entertaining story premise comes packed with an interesting multi-layered gameplay offering. It is rare to see both “JRPG” and “Casual” going together in the same phrase but Ninja Maidens manages to juggle these two terms rather well. The game offers a detailed step-by-step guide to accompany your first moves, allowing you to become familiar with the best practices very early on. Included alongside your journey, will be a handful of interesting characters that you meet who will be added to your battle party in order to pave your way to greatness. But if you ever just want to sit back and watch the action unfold, you can always hit that auto button and let your girls fight on their own during their missions. Not to mention that while you’re away, the idle game setting allows your fighters to keep defeating these monsters and earn valuables for you.

As you’re making progress through the campaign, the waifus will need to be levelled up; making them more powerful is a key point you want to reach in order to advance in the game. For each battle won, you will earn rewards and valuables, which can then be exchanged for boosters (and other perks) to help you defeat your enemies! Hang on tight to the tickets you collect in your journey, as they serve as currency to enter the Endless Tower- and grab those sweet extra bonuses.

The versatile soundtrack will ease you in the mood, as it switches styles, from a zen oriental background to a more upbeat sound during battles. As the story plays out, you get to peek on some steamy scenes between the girls, displayed through beautiful, detailed animated artwork. They are accessible at any given moment in the Gallery section, but here’s a little hint; the more you play, the more scenes get unlocked.

Through its 8-bit in-game visual aesthetic, gorgeous animated 3D renderings and engrossing gameplay, Ninja Maidens is guaranteed to bring the utmost satisfaction. All you have to do is keep proving yourself to Sensei, and show that you have what it takes to impress her- she has much more than just training to offer!

Mod Features:

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