[18+] Merge Nymphs V2660 [Nutaku] Unlimited Coins

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Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Ever wanted to fight pollution AND get laid? If yes, then welcome to the world of Merge Nymphs!

As the Lord of Fertility, you now have a chance to meet naughty Nymph-os, help them bloom and use their abilities to heal the world!

Explore and heal various areas and meet all the Nymphs this world has to offer! Feisty Forest Nymphs, mellow Meadow gals, starry-eyed Star Nymphs and many others are waiting for you.

The Nymphs are eco-friendly AND dick-friendly, so heal that land and get that booty!

Key Features


A long time ago, the lush world that is home to the Nymphs was invaded and polluted by vile monsters known as Golems.

As they took over the flourishing land, the pollution put the innocent Nymphs in a deep slumber. They stood no chance against an army of polluting monsters.

This is where you come in, Lord of Fertility! As you slowly wake from your slumber, you realize not only that the world needs cleansing, but that the Nymphs need to be awakened as well.

Are you up for the task?


MERGE NYMPHS is an online adult puzzle game that can be played both on browser and mobile Android.

The core mechanic of the game is to merge items in sets of 3, 5 or more in order to create higher level objects (or Nymphs). The player faces many challenges on every game level to acquire rewards such as Camp objects or Nymph Shells. The ‘ultimate goal’ with merging is to obtain the highest levels of the different Nymphs.

Nymphs have the ability to harvest resources and objects, and construct buildings. Every new Nymph merge possibility discovered will bring you a Sex Scene with a kinky story dialog. After a Sex Scene, the merged Nymph produces a bonus amount of Magic Pheromones. It heals the land around the Camp which allows you to then expand it.


Feast your eyes on the amazing hentai artwork, sure to satisfy your dirtiest dreams.The artwork is absolutely fantastic, with plenty of detail and gorgeous colors, depicting a wide variety of steamy sex scenes of your collected Nymphs. Gather your army of Nymphs, cultivate their abilities through hot rounds of sex and help them regain their magical abilities!


- Enjoy Deliciously Detailed Artwork! Befriend 80 needy Nymphs, each with their own bootylicious Card!

- Savor Spicy Sex Scenes! Unlock 30 Uncensored Sex Scenes by leveling up your Nymphs!

- Reclaim And Restore! Solve 70 puzzle Levels & Challenges and win exciting rewards all while fighting off pollution!

- By These Items Combined...! Collect over 250 mergeable and interactive items!

- Merge And Conquer! Take part in thrilling Events every week and win items that will help your in-game progress!

- Update Galore! Claim new Uncensored Sex Scenes for your Nymph-os every month!


- An interactive puzzle adult game with steamy uncensored animated Hentai scenes.

- Two playing environments: mobile device or browser.

- Discover over 200 fantastic objects to merge and interact with!

- Merge anything

- Nymph shells, withered plants, cogs, watches, chests, hats, lanterns, and even the Nymphs themselves, and more!

- Discover 10 alluring Nymph types who live in the valley, and evolve them through 8 growth stages to create new Nymphs!

- Kinky themes: Animated Sex, Character Evolution, Epic, Bondage, Sextoys, Harem, Big Tits, Big Ass, Chibi, Cute


Title: Merge Nymphs

Publiser: Fadorable Games

Version: 2660

Playstore: Nutaku

OS: Android

Language: English

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

  • Heal all Available Fields aer collect Heas
  • Increasing Coins.
  • Increasing Gems.
on test mode test it on new acc it my be get banned

Pls use the Nutaku APK for Tutorial.
It you take the mod on the last stage. It can appears a Error and your Account is useless.
To avoid with Mod collect First 3 Hearts and then Tap on the statues to merge.