[18+] Planes of Eros V1.7.49 [Nutaku] Unlimited Coins - Gems

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Developer Nutaku Version 1.7.49 Language ENEnglish Age 18+Years Old
Summary of Game

Enter the realm of Eros and experience magic through fun and engaging slot machines! Kapitolyo Studio presents Planes of Eros, an exciting RPG, slot machine game available on Android, and on browser. The game features unique characters who will accompany you throughout your fantasy-filled journey.

Go on an exciting, hentai-filled adventure with your fated partner, Iris, a warrior knight from another world, whose sole purpose is to assist you, the prophesied hero of worlds!

Collect and recruit sexual servants through Gacha! Score a chance to make love to them through bonding! Finally, use strong servants to battle evil in different worlds filled with monsters.

Key Features


The goddess, Eros, created multiple planes for everyone to live peacefully in. Planes, such as Tera, the plane of earth, Haqua, the plane of water, Ignis, the plane of fire, Zephyria, the plane of air, and Lumina, the plane of light are only a few of the planes that Eros had created. And there are many more worlds yet to be discovered!

Joined by your fated partner, Iris, the two of you take on a journey to defeat Belial, an evil goddess who threatens the peace of the planes. Belial wants to conquer all the different worlds and to bring chaos to their inhabitants.

But that is something she can't easily do with you and your Sexcalibur around!


Planes of Eros is available both on browser and Android.

Planes of Eros uses the slot machine gameplay for its battles. Win by spinning the slots and getting combinations that will boost your party's abilities!

Play the Gacha and gain servants that will join your party to build a strong and sexy team! These servants are defenders of the planes, but they will need a Master to guide them and help them succeed. Only you can help them defend their worlds.

And don't worry! Being the chosen one sure has its perks.

Create strong bonds with the girls in Haven by touching all the right places to please them. With enough patience and the right moves, you will ultimately get to sleep with the sexiest servants around.


The game transports you to an exciting adventurous world where you'll meet the hottest girls who need your help. The beautifully drawn anime-style sex scenes will awaken your wildest fantasies.

Let your imagination run wild and embark on the journey of your life with this exciting hentai game. 


- Immersive Rpg Slots Experience

- Beautifully Drawn Anime-Style Artwork

- Fully-Animated Sex Scenes

- Servant Summoning (Gacha) System

- Multiplayer Slots Tournaments

- Story System 

 In-App Purchases

- Mini-Games


- Fantasy-centric Casino vibe

- Focus on clean, simple lines, rich, and vibrant colors.

- Game Rooms will follow Definite casino’s feel but with fantasy elements

- Hybrid slot machine and RPG gameplay elements

- High-quality nude pictures

- Gacha system

- Kinky Themes: Animated Sex, Hentai, Collection, BDSM, Big Tits, Vines

Mod Features:

The Features of MOD APK below:

Mod 1:

  • Increasing Coins.
  • Increasing Gems.
  • Increasing Materials.

Mod 2:
  • DMG x100
  • DEFx100
If u stuck in tutorial, u need bypass it before use mod.


Download and install FAQs

How to install Planes of Eros MOD APK?

  1. Download the file.
  2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

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